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Maxi Bookcase in Brown and White


Dimensions:  H 72 x W 32 x D 16 (all dimensions are in inches)

All panels are in Particle Board with Wood Pour (WP) finish.
It has six unequal and zig-zag compartments
This Book case is equipped with a number of shelves to help you segregate stationery.
Suitable for Study & Home Office
Colour- Brown/White

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Featuring a classic tone with a functional display, Maxi Bookcase blends well with your contemporary home setting. The tall and slender bookcase can be placed against a pastel wall or corner to change the vibe in any setting. Featuring 6 open and spacious shelves, Maxi Bookcase is sure to add the much-needed organizational element while accommodating your decorative items and educational essentials well. Engineered with wood, this sturdy unit will definitely serve you for years to come while being the perfect value for money furniture.

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