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Tron 32 x 16 Draw Computer Table


Buzpick’s lightweight and sturdy Tron 32 x 16 Draw Computer Table is the perfect place for your computer. This beautiful computer table offers a practical workspace without taking up a lot of room by combining a lightweight arrangement with a straightforward design. Making a little workspace with it makes being effective and productive simple. The Tron 32 x 16 Draw Computer Table is the perfect piece of furniture for your computer setup if you’re searching for something sturdy and small. It boasts a sleek, contemporary look with a black hue. The table will go perfectly with your home’s modern décor.


  • The image’s accessories are merely for representational purposes.
  • The fabric color and wood polish of the photograph and the actual product may vary somewhat depending on your screen settings and device resolution.
  • Solid wood furniture has different wood textures from piece to piece.
  • Furniture with elaborate hand-painted decorations is a unique original work, and the photograph and the actual product may differ slightly.
  • The primary material is the major material utilized to make the product, while other types of materials might also be used in addition to the primary material.
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  • Tron 32 x 16 Draw Computer Table: what’s right to keep your laptop and computer.
  • A robust MDF tabletop guarantees solid support.
  • Pre-laminated 13-mm particle board shelves that are durable.
  • PVC shelf lamination provides great resilience.
  • Strong 25 mm silver frames support the design.
  • MS powder coating resists wear and tear on frames.
  • Fine black shade complements the modern design.
  • Modern simplicity provides an attractive touch.

Size: 32 x 16

Dimensions 32 × 16 in

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