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Hoeks Queen Size Bed With Hydraulic Storage and Reflective High Gloss Finish


  • High Gloss Reflective finish
  • Italian Collection
  • Hydraulic storage
  • Dimensions :  L -86in x W -64in x H -43in
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The Hoeks bed is one of the best example of what modern furniture should be like. This bed comes finished in a beautiful high gloss finish that is stunning. The headboard has a curved structure with an appealing design consider space utilization, maximum comfort and unending supplies of modern conveniences. This bed is a perfect enhancement for a minimalistic modern bedroom. With an easy hydraulic lifting mechanism, the front opening allows you to store away any items of clothes, extra bedding or shoes to allow you to make more use out of the space in your room. Made of quality materials to ensure durability. This bed is available in queen and king sizes.

Dimensions 86 × 64 × 43 in
Care instructions

Direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time can cause fading and/or deterioration of fabric. When planning your room, arrange your furniture so that it is protected from sunlight.
Clean your upholstery at least once a week with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull the colors. It is advisable to have your furniture cleaned regularly by professional upholstery cleaner as different fibers and fabric constructions require special treatment.
Strictly avoid using bleach when washing your upholstery.
Severe spills and stains should only be removed by professional upholstery cleaners.
Note: For hydraulic beds, lifting the mattress platform may take some initial effort, especially if you have a heavy mattress. However, as the platform rises, the hydraulics will take over and you will have to exert less energy.

Package details

1 Queen sized bed

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